A well planned Inbound marketing campaign is about connecting with real people, in a way that brings value to them.

This is how “we” build great brands.

By delivering content that is true to the brand’s values and personality, in-line with strategy, and Search Engine Optimised for the sake of the reader,  we create high traffic websites, build brand reputations, and maximise ROI.


“A piece of writing which expresses an element of the human condition in a concise and emotionally evocative way, is art. 

The internet is mostly functional. The information it contains is primarily for reference and doesn’t always lend itself to creative whimsy. However, just because content is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t be well written, concise and evocative.

My mission is to write this content.”

– Amy Purdon, pseudo-philosopher extraordinaire.


Visual Fizz


Agency Clients 




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